Terms Of Use

A end user could be any person who visits ambedkartv.org from any location. As an end user, person would have no restrictions for visiting ambedkartv.org


A member would be a registered user of ambedkartv.org. As a registered user of ambedkartv.org, person would called as 'Member' of ambedkartv.org. To become a member of ambedkartv.org, person must accept and follow the terms and conditions of ambedkartv.org. Any registered member of ambedkartv.org must strongly believe in 'Blue Flag'. Those who do not believe in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and his thoughts and/or 'Blue Flag' may need not to register. Member should not belongs to other political parties or organizations whose aims and objectives are against Ambedkarite thoughts and principles or against of equality.


The language for posting of any news or comments or scrap should not be an offensive or hateful or personal hurted. Language shold be respectable and encouraging.


Member should give references while posting a comment or scrap or message or news or articles. So that other people can easily find the reference and know the truth. Any comment or scrap or message or news or articles, which takes the reference of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar or any other leader's quotes, they should give referenece book/source along with the page number/s. Rumors are strictly not allowed. Member should prove their statements by giving references.


Posting any Ambedkarite Organization or Ambedkarite Periodicals or Ambedkarite Publications or anything should be genuine. If any fake information found that will be deleted permanently by Ambedkartv.org without giving any reason or without contacting to that person who registered it.

Images/Profile/Parinay Photo

Please do not use copyrighted images. Exposing nudity or porn related images are strictly not allowed. Account will be deleted any time without giving notice if found. As Ambedkartv.org respects each country's sovereignty, posting country flags are not allowed. Please keep in mind that Ambedkartv.org is not for fun, member should upload their own genuine photograph for their profile and Parinay.


Conversation should be based on solutions, ideas, how to solve the problems or issues with detailed description and statistical data and not just 'tit for tat' type. Conversation should be healthy and helpful to spread Ambedkarite thoughts and principles without any offensive language or word. Those who will play with the emotions of other members, Ambedkartv.org will ban that profile forever.


Each member should give respect to other members of ambedkartv.org. Females will be more respectable on ambedkartv.org. Gender inequality or any kind of descrimination or domination is strictly not allowed. Each member is equal (by age or by education or by economically or by socially or by technically or by politically) for ambedkartv.org hence members would equally respectable on ambedkartv.org. Member should give respect to other member's thoughts and ideas.

Account Termination

If any member do not follow the terms and conditions of ambedkartv.org, he/she will be liable to terminate his/her account partially or permanently. No communication will entertain.

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